Day One Of No Cable TV

See Day Minus One:

Well, yesterday I didn't return my cable PVR as planned. Regardless,
today my cable TV was canceled. I'm currently watching the
Canadiens-Leafs game, live, via the Internet. Yes, CBC.ca streams many
of their games live. So I was able to view the Pat Burns tribute. Now,
the quality isn't HD (but it is wide screen), and it is in English
(RDS is the rights holder in French, and, they have a vested interest
in you not cancelling your cable/satellite/IPTV.).

Yesterday, I figured out that you can share a The Movie Network
subscription (one party enjoys it on TV, the other on the Internet).
My sister will share her TMN subscription with me (for $8/month).
Sweet. I can go without Bordwalk Empire, but I was looking forwards to
Big Love in January.

So far, so good.

Via iPad

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