Gangnam Style

600 million views may seem like allot, but it really is just 100 million people watching it 6 times on their iPad, Gangnam style. By the way, I found out about the Korean music star PSY from this week's Newsweek. Newsweek! I feel old.
Unlike my trip across the US last century when everybody was playing Alanis Morisette, I can report that PSY hasn't gone main stream yet in either Hong Kong or Tokyo. Or perhaps they are more reserved when it comes to sharing music. What I'm saying is that it is probably still cool to like his music. :)
An expensive spoof was produced at MIT. PSY is going to speak at Oxford University. The Secratery General of the UN met with PSY and learned some dance moves
PSY is a guy who has bulging ideas rather than muscles.
 Official video

Teens React, Gangnam Style

MIT, Gangnam Style (featuring Noam Chomsky)

Mitt Romney Style

The Marching Band, Gangnam Style

Saturday Night Live, Gangnam Style

By they way, men of the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea, like to drink their coffees in one shot before it cools down. Proof.

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