End Canadian Support of Apartheid in Israel

You don't have to be an astronaut to realise that Israel has an apartheid like policy towards non-Jews in Palestine/Israel+Occupied Territories. They are called the occupied territories for a reason eh! The United Nations calls the occupation illegal. Unions in Ontario and the United Church have called for a boycott of Israel. A boycott against a country that imports food, is, in my opinion, significantly worse than signs calling for ending Canadian "support" of Israel.

But I guess an election is no time to talk about serious issues.

By the way, how does Canada support Israel? As far as I know, we don't! So the Liberal Marc Garneau was in favour of taking down "inflammatory" sings calling for the status quo. Maybe it was the "Out of Afghanistan" part that was so offensive. Except ALL 4 major parties called for Canada to be out of Afghanistan within 3 years...


Gene said...

In response to your question regarding Canada's support to Israel, this may provide some answers.

Gene said...

... more here.


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