National Post Ignores Own Poll, Calls it for Harper

Débat des chefs: premières réactions (in English)
Macleans.ca, Canada - 4 hours ago
By Andrew Coyne | Email | October 2nd, 2008 at 12:25 am Ipsos is first out of the gates with the insta-poll. Winner? Dion, by a wide margin. ...

Conrad Black is in jail, why does the National Post insist on being the Fox News of Canada? Can West News Services pays big bucks for a Ipsos Reid poll then sits on the results, refusing to publish them in its national newspaper.

Instead, the front page title is "Harper fights off rivals at French debate"

There are some jems in Don Martin's column, including: "An anglophone columnist with Alberta roots trying to decipher the impact of leaders fighting for the hearts of Quebec francophones with sovereigntist leanings is, at best, instinctive." You think? Then spare us your western instincts and look at the insta-poll results, dumbass!

I'll spare you the undeserved praise for Harper; Don Martin observation of Dion directly contradict my own opinion (and I'm no Dion fan) and the Canwest poll: "Mr. Dion was underwhelming at times, a faded force of personality dwarfed by the testy exchanges surrounding him." 

The Canwest poll is clear, Dion won the debate. Harper finished a distant third. 

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