An NDP Minority Government

This is in response to wmtc's prediction of a minority Liberal government.

As a French Canadian, I have real trouble imagining Mr. Clarity Act Stéphane Dion as the next Prime Minister. Frankly, I still have trouble imagining him as leader of the Liberals (but I digress).

Just in case the following actually happens, I want to be on the record for having predicted it:

-The Liberals will win a majority in Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe. Now that was a bold prediction :-) .

Seriously, this is the prediction I will be bragging about (anybody know how to frame a blog post):

-The NDP will win a minority (perhaps smaller than the Conservatives) and will align with the Liberals to form the government. The government will be all NDP with Jack Layton as Prime Minister. Dion will resign, Rae will become leader, a few MPS will cross over to the Liberals, the Governor General will name the Liberals as the government (in order to avoid an other election). In the interim, Harper will leave politics to work for an oil company and a Newfoundlander will become Conservative leader (Joe Clark will try but loose badly). The Conservatives will also change their name back to Progressive-Consevatives. Then, inspired by the Alaskans, Quebec will finally become a country, the Liberals will lose all 5 Quebec MPs, lose their majority status and the Governor General will apply to regain her French citizenship before giving the government to the Conservatives (to avoid an unnecessary election at such a time of uncertainty).  Oh, and I'll find a way to lose more money on the stock market. 

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