TV Forecast Now Works Better

A couple of weeks ago I reported that the iPhone app TV forecast did
not work as all it provided was TBA. That still is the case for
Showcase shows such as Weeds (Sunday, 10PM Eastern), but thanks to an
update, most shows, including CTV's Corner Gas, now show up correctly.

Unfortunatly, French language shows such as Tout le monde parle and
Caméra café still do not work with TV Forecast. And time zones seem
stuck in Eastern.

Based on this screen shot from TV forecast, my Digital Video Recorder
(DVR) will be working overtime tonight!

(By the way, if you enjoy your 2 tuner DVR with Rogers in Ontario,
whatever you do, do not move to single tuner DVR New Brunswick or
Newfoundland. Although, to be fair, thanks to "time shifting" and
AMC and TMN "on demand", I still won't miss a minute of my favorite
shows (that all seem to play on the same night)).

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