I predict this blog will get thousands of hits now that the Liberals are advertising the English only bushharper.com but failed to use harperbush.com . I think harperbush.com sounds better, but maybe that is just me. Anyway, I'll save you a visit to the site, here is the total content of harperbush.com er, sorry, bushharper.com. Yes, two Youtube videos, that is it.

If you do go to the web site, pleas use BushHarper.ca as that is more patriotic than BushHarper.com. Interestingly, in both cases, www is optionnal (as it is for my blog).


But please note than www.HarperBush.ca and www.HaperBush.com do not exist. Neither does hapereconomics.com or harpereconomics.com.

Others on the subject:
A gift Dion can't afford to squander
Globe and Mail, Canada - 3 hours ago
And it is this: the Liberals have launched a microsite, http://www.bushharper.com, with a voice over meant to sound like George W. "Welcome to our website. ...
Liberal Web attack links Bush with 'my pal' Harper
The Canadian Press, OTTAWA - 13 hours ago
"You probably won't change an awful lot of minds with this." The websites can be viewed at www.harpernomics.com and www.bushharper.com.

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