Canada Should Be a Jewish Homeland

It is very easy to criticise Israelis and Palestinians over their treatment of their neighbors. The sad fact is these people are fighting over a corner of the desert. The desert!

Well, may I suggest we compete with Israel for Jews. And while we are at it, lets treat Palestinian refugees with dignity and respect.

The vast majority of Israelis and Palestinians have no interest what so ever in emigrating to Canada. After all, for most, that would mean giving up their language, their culture and, indeed, their country. However, they could keep their religion. There is no doubt about that, in Canada, you can be a Jew or a Muslim.

And we have lots and lots of land. Plenty of trees. Too much water. Quite a bit of energy. Even diamonds and gold. You might have to learn English or French (or both!), but you won't have to fight over the desert.

Canada thaws every Spring. 

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Toronto realtor said...

And the irony is, that it's the only spot of desert on Arabian Peninsula, where is no single drop of oil :) It may seem ridiculous, but if you read the Old Testament, you will understand. Both Arabians and Jews are extremely proud and traditional and fatherland has much bigger importance for them, than we can imagine here in Canada. So it's not about trees and diamonds...unfortunately(?)
Best wishes


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