George Soros Is Rich, Don't Be Stupid

This is a response to what is possibly the stupidest post ever. Apparently, Mike Watkins thinks that rich people should decide public policy, including taxation. Four words: George Bush was rich. 

Who makes more sense to trust? Backing a carbon tax are hundreds of economists joined with some of the most progressive, wealthiest, people in the world. Can we really trust Stephen Harper, on record as a climate change denier, who hasn't run a business bigger than (or even as big as?) a submarine sandwich franchise?

I'll put my money on Soros any day. (Mike Watkins)

Being rich, successful in business, does not make you an expert at public policy!  And gee whiz, some rich people are in favour of a massive tax transfer from the rich income tax payers to the poor consumers of heating oil and electricity (which is what the Liberal carbon tax is, really). 

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Lord of Wealth said...

Rich is evil, and or stupid. What a typical socialist mantra.

I take it all the economists who support Carbon tax are stupid and rich too?

Have you ever looked into some of the companies offering carbon credits? All cap and trade will do is create a market for bankers, brokers and corporations to game..We already have lots of different markets that are corrupt, either poorly regulated or negligently enforced. While it might be politicaly stupid to propose a tax, it is the system that will create impact quicker without the ability of market leaches to pad their pockets.

do you honestly want Goldman Sacs and JP Morgan gaming the carbon market for profit?


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