The End of Life As we Know It. But when, Rogers? When!?

Why is Rogers Communication Inc. so bad at communicating? 

Dear Rogers,

I got the letter. I got the automated phone call. I read the brochure, I went to your web site. Life as I know it will end. I get that part. But WHEN? When!!!!! The five Ws; You are missing one!  

Your previously recorded programs on your Personal Video Recorder will not be available after the upgrade, and you will also need to reset your scheduled recordings. Please
click here to see the New Digital User Guide for easy-to-follow instructions on how to reschedule your recordings with your new Interactive Program Guide.
It will be necessary for you to reset preferences like Parental Controls, Purchase PINs, Favourites, and Show Reminders. Please refer to the enclosed Guide for easy-to-follow instructions on how to reset these preferences.
On Demand movies in the “My Rentals” folder with remaining viewing time will not be available after the service change. This only applies to movies ordered 24 hours before the upgrade. Any new orders placed after the upgrade will not be affected.

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