Is Apple Xenophobic?

Almost a year after launch, the Apple iPhone is available in the USA,
France, Germany and the UK. That is it. George Bush's coalition was
bigger for crying out loud.

And how is it that a product manufactured in China is not available in

The availability is so restricted that people assume it is available
in Australia and Singapour (it isn't).

iTunes is available in more countries, but despite being the most
popular music seller in the USA, in most countries you can't use it to
buy music.

Home is easier than away, no doubt. The iPod touch is available in
many countries. Coudos for making a French-Canadian version available
in February (however, with the anoying bugs of having the € Euro
symbol come up when you press the $ dollar sign and not having the
French quotes).

So what gives? According to the New York Times, Nokia hires people to
go to places like Vietnam for market reaserch to better design
handsets. Vietnam ! And Apple is scared to sell the iphone in Canada
and Australia?

At least sell it in Finland (home of Nokia) and Sweeden (Ericson).

Think of the irony of using Canadian and Brazillian musical artists to
sell the iPhone and iPod touch in the USA but not making the products
available in their countries.

There is a recession in the USA, but Russia and Mexico are doing fine...

Hopefully, this xenophobia will be solved with the 3G (faster
Internet) version coming out this Summer.

Otherwise, I think Jobs needs to hire an other executive from Pepsi.

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.

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