Grand Theft Auto IV Will End Recession

Grand Theft Auto IV, perhaps the best game ever, will help end the recession plaguing the United States. Here is why:
The game is universally praised. Word of mouth will take over and every male between 12 and 45 will want it (60$). The game only works on Play Station 3 or Xbox 360. Both are about $400. Consumers will want to play the game as it was intended, in high definition. You can buy a good 24inch HD monitor for $350. You can buy a good 40inch TV in HD for $1000.
Having purchased the PS3 or Xbox 360, and a HDTV, consumers will want/need more games and movies to justify the $1000 to $1400 they just dropped on hardware.
Bonus, wives, girlfriends and daughters will receive/purchase items as a result of the new PS3 or Xbox360 in the house as household equalisation takes place.
There are few barriers to entry. 460$ is all you need. You lost your house and are now living in a cramped basement, not a problem.Your command of English is limited, that is OK. The only real barrier is that you must be interested in fast cars, sex and or violence...
-Mainly Raves for Grand Theft Auto IV
U.S. News & World Report, DC - 4 hours ago
What does it say about us as a society that a game like Grand Theft Auto IV, with its violence and sex, is a certain smash hit? It says a lot .
-For Gamers, the Craving Won't Quit
New York Times, United States - 9 hours ago
-A cultural event ... Grand Theft Auto IV
guardian.co.uk, UK - 9 hours ago
Yesterday, BBC technology editor Darren Waters pre-empted that sentiment on his blog. GTAIV felt "more like a cultural event than a marketing event,"
-Grand theft auto, The Godfather and the mother grundies
The Times, South Africa - 10 hours ago
IT's the biggest thing in computer gaming

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