Save Money, Replace Your CRT with LCD... NOT

I'm trying to justify dropping 1000 dollars on a wide scree HDTV. Unfortunately, saving the planet, or money, is not a justification. In fact, you know all those employers who replaced perfectly good CRT computer screens with LCD monitors, they can't count!
Maximum energy savings: 90 watts for CRT minus 55 watts for LCD equals 35 watts or 0.035 kw. Multiply by $0.10 per kwh and you get $0.0035 (a third of a cent per hour).
So devide the cost of replacing that perfectly good CRT with the LCD, say $200, by the savings per hour, $0.0035, and you get 57143 hours. Say you plan on using the screen 8 hours per day, so that is 7143 days. 5 days a week, that is 1429 weeks, or 27.4 years to recoup the money spent to replace the functioning screen...
But LCDs are flat, and if you splurge for one with good resolution, they could be easier on the eyes as they are less susceptible to glare. And the CRT will die, eventually, and if you don't have a spare in stock, you might have a non-productive employee for a while.
In summery, at equal price and quality, buy LCD. If there is a price difference of $50 or more (6.8 years to recoup), go for the CRT.
For the living room, if you are an avid TV watcher, and plan of living an other 100 years, replace your CRT TV with a LCD and you will break even...

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