Canada Should Expand Borders

Canada was on a roll between 1867 and 1905 when Manitoba (1870), British Columbia (1971), Prince Edward Island (1873) and Alberta and Saskatchewan(1905) "joined" Canada. Then it slowed down a bit with Newfoundland joining in 1949. But Newfoundland joined by referendum! Granted, they were being kicked out of the UK (at least financially), but Canada was chosen, by the people (51% vs 49%).
Why did we stop there? Sure, losing Quebec would be a drag, but why worry about that when we could expand Canada in all directions (well, not North)?
Population of Iceland (NATO): 313,000.
Population of Ireland (not NATO):  6 million
Greenland might also want to consider leaving Denmark (NATO) to join a country that has plenty of their Inuit cousins (that would be Canada). Or we could simply annex Denmark (population 5.4 million). The Turks and Caicos (pop 20,000) have had lobbying efforts to join the great white north. We could promise provincehood to Porto Rico.
Our polar neighbors of Sweden (NATO) (9.1 million) and Norway (NATO) (4.7 million) might be interested. Especially Norway which may soon run out of oil. Then again, Sweden doesn't have any...
We just signed a free trade agreement with Switzerland (not NATO) (7.5 million). Shania Twain might want to live in Canada again, bonus if she doesn't have to move.
New Zealand (4.2 million) might want to join Canada. We could at least ask. Portugal (NATO) (11 million) might agree to join Canada in exchange for not kicking out Portuguese citizens living illegally in Toronto.
Quebec has a population of 7.7 million. Time to get serious.

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