iPhone available in only 6 countries, most popular in France!

The world is a big place, yet Time magazine's invention of the year, the iPhone, is only available in 6 countries: USA, France, the UK, Germany, Ireland and Austria.

Now, granted, we should be used to unavailable gadgets, Finland and Sweden don't market their products in Canada before they are successful in Scandinavia. And the various versions of the Japanese Walkman took a while before they crossed the Pacific.

Still, as we are subject to so much media from the United States, it is tough not being part of the chosen nations (ironically, the Irish, instead of being happy about finally getting the iPhone in March, are actually angry that it is now cheaper in the UK).

In November I predicted the iPhone would be a huge success in France. "Huge sucess" is hard to quantify. Still, the 8gig version is now more expensive in France than anywhere else, and yet when you factor in it's November release and the number Frenchmen , it is more popular there than anywhere else, including the USA! So I was right!

Feel free to contact me about my international market insights. My rates are cheap and satisfaction is garanteed.

And if Apple and Rogers ever do sell the thing in Canada, I submit they will have plenty of success in Quebec (especially if marketed with the Fido brand). Dito for the other romance countries. But for the love of goodness, Apple, please allow me to make a $ dollar sign using my Apple touch French Canadian keybord. When I press on it now, a Euro symbol appears. The other problem is that I can't make «French quotation marks». Anoying.

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