I watched Sicko, Now Raise My Taxes

I just finished watching Sicko, by Micheal Moor. It didn't cost me
anything as I watched it on the Movie Network (TMN). I like the Movie
Network because it is good value. If I'm watching a bad movie, I get
permission from my gilfriend and change the channel without feeling
guilty about having waisted $5. I can even change the channel to one
of the other 5 TMN channels (including one in HD).

Better yet, I can watch movies on TMN on demand. All this for $15 a
month. Some months it is totally worth it, some months, not so much.

Strictly speaking, I would save a fortune if I was an uninsured
American vs. a high taxed Canadian New Brunswicker. Granted, there are
plenty of contagious deseeses I'd be exposed to and I'd most certainly
have friends and family with huge medical bills/insurance fights, but
I would save a fortune. In fact, I'd probably have enough saved up to
cover a mild heart attack or a couple of months of kimo...

Sure, choice is great. But sometimes, the all included model (like at
Disney World) is better.

So please, raise my taxes and cover all those pills I might need some

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.

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