Pebble, the first iPhone-worthy Smartwatch

I could be wrong, but I think Pebble is the first iPhone compatible smartwatch. I use the term "first" loosely, as it is not available yet. I want one. I wanted the inPulse when I first heard about it last year, and then I completely forgot about it. Even worse, I bought an other Pulse incompatible iPhone.

Do you need a smartwatch? Well, you didn't "need" your smartphone and you didn't "need" your smart tablet, and that didn't stop you. However, you needed a car and you didn't get the Smart Car. So there. But for $125, why not?

Disclaimer: when I was a kid I had a PacMan watch and was very popular on the playground for about a week (charging 10 cents per game), until other kids got Pacman watches. As far as I can tell, you can't play Pacman on the Pebble, yet. 

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