First Ever iPad Wristwatch

The Metawatch is now iPad (3) compatible thanks to Bluetooth 4. It will also work with the iPhone 4S. What other watch can do that? None. No, the soon to exist Pebble is not going to be iPad compatible (Although obviously that could change in the future as feature-creep sets in).

So do you want to fork over $200 for an iPhone/iPad compatible watch? Well, I did. Free shipping to Canada on the Texas Instruments estore ($20 on the Metawatch site). Hopefully, by the time I get it next week, there will be an iOS app in iTunes so I can actually use it without writing my own app.

I'll probably have to pay for the HST, but I'm curious about duty. Where is it made?

I'll write a review when I get it/figure out how to use it.

More pictures here (the Android compatible version has been out for a while).

Video of the previous Android-only version:

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