God is Not like the Wizard of Oz

Some people (just like Donald Trump, I don't give names), think God is like the Wizard of Oz. This is blatantly false.

Before I continue, please be advised I'm procrastinating on a boring task and this is my over-caffeinated way of pretending to be productive. Also, I've been reading Gawker and watching Colbert, champions of hipster humour. Also, "God", in the context of this blog post, is the one you don't believe in, from that other religion.

God is not like the Wizard of Oz because the Wizard of Oz (spoiler alert) was a real person (in the context of the story). God, in the holy book, is not a really a person, but more of an invisible man in the sky (not that there is anything wrong with that).

You can't equate a real person, with or without wizard powers, with an invisible man. Real people pay taxes. Does God pay taxes? Well maybe if he owns a shell corporation here on earth. But they aren't personal taxes. And he doesn't pay taxes on his home, wherever in the sky that might be. If he does come back to earth, he will have to pay sales tax (unless he returns to New Hampshire or only buys stuff from the Internet).

So the counter argument would be that God is like the wizard part of the wizard of Oz. Fake, all made up. A fraud. But God lives in the sky, and is invisible. You can't fake that. 


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dualsport dude said...

But Oz does fool the people of his land. They are fooled by his worrds and "magic". Perhaps he represents a priest, convincing people of something that is not really there.


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