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Have you been blogging for a while (despite Twitter)? Do you hate iPad users? Have you gotten into the habit of inserting at least one picture or Youtube video into each post?

If you answered yes to all of the above, try Blogger's Dynamic View template. But first, save your current blog template!

There are some major issues:
-Incompatibility with older browsers and the iPad.
-Loading pages can take a while, and Adsense loads last!
-Most widgets/gadgets, including html coding, will no longer work.
-There is a gigantic title bar that I can't make smaller (there has to be a way, right?)

Dynamic View templates are over a year old, and believe it or not some issues have been fixed (originally, you couldn't insert Adsense at all!).

Despite the major drawbacks, it does look amazing!

To try it, in the Blogger settings you also need to put your feed to "full" not "short".

Some examples (other than this blog, assuming I haven't gone back to full iPad compatibility)

A nice post from last year about the new Dynamic template in Blogger.

Blogger uses it, so it can't be that bad (I guess Google employees don't use iPads).

Is there a way to only browse/search dynamic blogs? Scrolling is so 2010. :)

This person did it right: A partial implementation of the Dynamic View template. I think you have to clik "enable dynamic view" somewhere in the Blogger settings (and perhaps have a compatible template). That way she could keep her regular template and offer the dynamic option. An other example of partial implementation.

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