Casseroles Not Just for Soup

From O Citizen
Casseroles is a great video. As you know, people banging on pot and pans creates an unbearable racket, so the music option was indeed the way to go. Regardless if you agree with the protesters (against a law giving police authority to relocate demonstrations, designed to stop the student university embargo) or not, you can admire the propaganda qualities. The filmmaker has a clear future in advertising.

You might need to hit pause a couple of times to allow buffering. I find that Vimeo tends to be quite choppy.

Hat tip to anti-Quebec communist blogger We Moved to Canada.

By the way, each additionnal protester banging on pots and pans only has a marginal effect on the actual volume. So if you have todlers, a pot and a pan, turn off the music for a less romantic version of the protest.

Note the $800 smarphones in the crowd. I guess if you are in a 3 year smarphone contract, a sudden raise in tuiton would be disturbing.

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