Breaking News Urgent Alert: iPad Only Newspaper The Daily is Dead at Age 1

Today, The Daily exclusive iPad newspaper, I call it the exclusinewsipadapp (but it hasn't caught on), was found dead. Cause of death unknown but self inflicted wounds aren't ruled out. There was plenty of blood and gore and even a NFL football reference.

The logic behind the birth of the iPad exclusive newspaper (exclusinewsipadapp) "The Daily", was this: Why publish your electronic newspaper on the Internet, accessible by hundreds of millions (are we at billions yet?) of computers and devices, when you can restrict your content to one product?

Well, just like every other news organisation, The Daily has now created an iPhone app. You could read regular online newspapers with iPhone/ipod touch, but it does require pinching. Too lazy to pinch? There is an app for that.

After the geewiz wears off on your iPad, the logic of an app version of the news stops making sense. Fine if you fly or subway alot and have the organizational skills to download new content before your trip, but if you have Internet access, why bother with old news? Webpages look great on an iPad (or any other tablet). And we aren't stupid, we know the content in The Daily can be found in the web versions of Newscorp papers.  

Obviously iPad owners on planes were too much of a niche for Fox's Newscorp (and advertisers) and the iPhone beckoned. The problem for The Daily is there are plenty of iPhone news apps out there (because they make sense, kind of).

I'd like to point out that this blog is 100% web and iOS (iPad and iPhone) compatible. It even works on Blackberry! If you are going to fly on one of those airlines without wifi, print the pages you are interested in. When you get back online, the ads will be different, but it is very important that you click on the ads, otherwise that would be stealing. And if you crossed state lines it is a federal offence. Bring extra copies for the passengers in first class (I need richer readers). Anybody with Parkinsons or twitchy fingers would be ideal. But make sure you scare them into reading the online version (because, once again, you are stealing and in direct and indirect violation of the digital millennial copyright act if you read a paper version of this blog and don't click on one of my ads. If none of the ads interest you, then download Mad Men from iTunes (or subscribe to AMC) and we'll call it even. 

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