My Blog Feed Was too Darn Big!

Wow, it never occurred to me that this applied to me:

The trouble: Your Original Feed is too doggone big! FeedBurner does not process feeds that are larger than 512K. Remember, your feed is an update on your content — not an archive for it — and you should use your publishing tools' controls to make sure your feed doesn't grow like kudzu possessed.

Half a megabyte of text!  That is about 250 pages of text. This blog has existed since 2004, so I guess that makes sense. But I thought micro-blogging (Twitter) taught me to be concise...

For those of you that use Feedburner (of dubious use, I don't recommend it) and Blogger, here is the solution:

Replace "myblogname" with the name of your blog. 

So now, if you subscribe to my blog using your favourite blog reader (I use Google Reader), you can "only" read a summary of my last 100 posts. It is summary of each post because I don't want to give this stuff away. $350 in ad revenue, and counting. No bad for 8 years "work".

According to Feedburner, I have 41 subscribers, so I'm sticking with Feedburner and the feed address hasn't changed.

Hat tip to Scott Tribe for pointing out that title gems like Casseroles Not Just for Soup could lead to confusion without context. His tweet also removed any delusions I had about the content of this blog being too hot for Progressive Bloggers. :)

Update: Changed it to 10 from 100 (100 takes too long to load). Also, turned off the "Summary Burner" option in Feedburner so there is a bit more text in my feed.

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