Shop For Music While You Shop for Groceries

In my mind, the Internet was supposed to end my weekly trip to the grocery store. I was suppose to shop for groceries online and then people at some efficient warehouse would put my order on a truck and I'd get my groceries delivered to my door.
Unfortunately, it is still way more efficient (and cheaper) to go to the store myself; even without a car.
But today, the Internet finally improved my grocery shopping experience. Thanks to my iPhone and the Shazam app, I was able to know what music was playing. I could even watch a Youtube clip of the artist performing. Right there, while choosing pickles. One of the songs I heard was good enough that I wanted to buy it. You can't buy music in Canada over 3G with iTunes, but soon after I got home and unpacked the groceries, I simply pressed the iTunes link in Shazam, entered my iTunes password, and 15 seconds later the song was playing.
How did my iPhone know what was playing at the grocery store? Simple, Shazam recorded a sample, compared it to its database and voila. Obviously, it doesn't always work. I've had much less success with French language music, for example. Still, I'd say there is a 80% success rate.

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