Journalists: write in metric or else!

There are at least 10 metric converters in the iPhone/iPod touch app
store. I'm assuming just as many are available for Palm, Windows
Mobile and Blackberry. There are even web based converters.

So why do Canadian journalists insist on using measurements that are
no longer taught in school? Face it, even the youngest people who
haven't learned the metric system are about to discover adult diapers.
I'm not saying they aren't important, it is just that advertisers
don't care about them.

So here is the deal, write in the language of your paying audience
(metric) and insert a conversion because you like to be nice to old
people. Otherwise we will get our news from Australia.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Any idiot knows how long an inch, a foot, a yard is. Any idiot knows their height in feet/inches and weight in pounds. Any idiot knows that 90 degrees Fahrenheit is hot, and that 100 mph is fast.

Get over it, kid.


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