How is Ontario Treated Unfairly?

I'm a bit worried that Dalton McGuinty is starting to believe his own

Before the Association of Ontario Municipalities, he asked local
politicians to get involved in the upcomming federal elections so that
Ontario can get it's fair share of federal government spending.

How is being one of the richest provinces in Canada a bad thing?
Ontario has one of the lowest income tax and sales tax rates in the
country. For example, how many provinces in Canada don't charge tax on
a cup of coffee? Answer: 2, and Ontario is one of them. Hair cuts. Tax
free, etc, etc.

But maybe McGuinty is correct, perhaps Ontario is too rich. Perhaps
the federal government should remove duty on European and Asian made
cars. Perhaps the feds should look at saving money by moving the civil
service accross the river to lower rent Gatineau, Quebec...

Wouldn't we get more bang for our dollar if the CBC shared the Radio-
Canada building in Montreal?

And how revenu neutral is the Saint-Lawrence Seaway? We didn't get a
300 billion dollar debt by magic. Time to raise passage fees.

Be carefull what you ask for Ontario, fairness may be what you get.

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