Obama Has Canadian Brother in-Law!

Alternative title: Barak Obama's siblings born in Asia and Africa and yet has Canadian relative.

Any change in the direction of U.S. politics will resonate throughout the world.
The type of hope he promises will spill over borders will give the world a
decent shot at getting to a better place.
(Former Burlington resident Konrad Ng, age 34, PHD in Political Science. Brother in-law of Barak Obama).

Obama's baby half sister, an Indo-American, continued in her mother's foot steps by marrying a non-American. The guy is from Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Obama's niece in Hawaii will no doubt be eligible for citizenship in Indonesia and Canada (and perhaps Malaysia because of her grandfather).

If that isn't freaky enough for you, imagine meeting some dirt poor guy in Kenya who tells you his half brother is President of the United States. You'd have to believe him!

In the following article, Obama is quoted as saying that Toronto reminded him of Chicago. I was struck by the exact same impression (in reverse), when I visited Chicago a decade ago.

-Obama in Canada: 'Uncle Rocky' and his Burlington family ties

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