Selling Noise Can Make You Rich: Top iPhone Apps in Canada

I wish Apple would divuldge more details about the popularity rankings
in it's app store.

The metric converter at number 4 makes it clear they are ranked by
country (it is one of 5 measurment converters in the Canadian app

Exact numbers would be great but at least tell us what the period is
(yesterday, last week, ever?). In any case, the above picture makes
for interesting marketing speculation about
Canadian iPhone and iPod touch users.

-Mobile chat is number one. As most chatters are now women...

-Noise is the second most popular app.
Noise! And here I was designing a better mouse trap. Obviously this is
the proof that consumers are stupid (soon: new and improved noise,
green noise and fair trade noise).

-Race cars at number 3. Boys will be boys and many have iPhone's and
iPod touches. Still, a retro race game in number 3?

-Card game at number 5. Because a $350 iPhone is so much more portable
than a 99 cent deck of cards. See noise.

There are some amazing inovative apps available, but they are not in
the top 5. Although I have played the race car game more than any
other app I have...

In conclusion, why inovate when you can adapt stuff?

The app I want, that doesn't exist yet, is the flashing 12:00 VCR
clock (obscure Simpsons reference).

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