Bell Samsung Instinct More Expensive than Rogers iPhone!

Bell's Samsung Instinct is more expensive than Rogers' iPhone!

Well, not the purchase price*. But once you have it, the Instinct will cost you.

Over three years, see details** at the end of this post, including the initial purchase, the Rogers iPhone in New Brunswick will cost you $2346.28 whereas the Samsung Instinct with Bell will cost you $2709.20 (however, as Bell evenings start at 8PM instead of 9PM with Rogers, perhaps you could get the $25 plan with Bell that includes only 100 minutes per month: three year cost: $2349.20)

With Rogers and the iPhone, for $30 per month, you get 6GB of Internet/data use, GPS and email. With Bell, the Internet will only cost you $10. Cheap! But Bell's Internet doesn't include email. What? I'm not sure how they manage that but email (as in Hotmail), will cost you an extra 8 bucks per month, according to Bell's CTV.

But $18 is less than $30, you say. Ah ha! With Bell, GPS is an extra $8 per month. $26 is less than $30. True enough. But you need voice with that data, and Bell will charge you a $8.95 Service Access Fee (instead of $6.95 with Rogers). $34.95 is less than $36.95 you say. True. But go ahead and add that voice plan, voice mail and all the other extras you need. You will then realise that Rogers' iPhone is cheaper.

Is the Bell Instinct worth the extra money? Well, if you want to record video, watch TV (costs extra) and hate iTunes, perhaps. Dito if you live in one of the few places with 3G on Bell/Aliant but not with Rogers. For everybody else: iPhone wins. Sorry Ontario Teachers.

*You get way more memory with the iPhone. At equal memory, the Samsung Instinct will probably cost you as much or more.

**Rogers in New Brunswick: My 5: $20 for 250 minutes, unlimited 5 local numbers, free nights (after 9PM) and weekends. Activation: $10. As voice plan is less than $30 a month, Rogers will charge you an extra $50 for the iPhone. Purchase price: $249 for 8G or $349 for 16GB. 6.95 SAF, 1.03 for 911. $30 for data. Three year total:$2346.28 for 8GB or $2446.28 for 16GB iPhone.

Bell/Aliant in New Brunswick: Fab 5: $35 for 250 minutes, unlimited 5 local numbers, free nights (after 8PM) and weekend. $8.95 SAF. $0.75 for 911. $10 for Internet. $8 for email. $8 for GPS. Activation: $35. Samsung Instinct: $129 with 2GB memory card. Three year total: $2709.20 for the Samsung Instinct with 2GB.

The HTC Touch Diamond (4GB) will be available with Telus shortly. Telus plans on selling the phone for $149 on a three year contract. Telus will charge you $30 for the Internet (including email). I assume GPS will be included. Voice plans start at $25 per month. In New Brunswick, activation is $35, SAF is $6.95 and 911 is $1.28. Evenings start at 9PM. With a three year contract, you can get 200 minutes for $20 per month. Total 3 year cost: $2460.28.

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