Do not pass go, go directly to Toronto

Slow news day. Apparently, Hasbro is selling an other version of it's uber popular Monopoly game.
Monopoly is just a game. Although the most astute among you will have realised that if you win at Monopoly, you will actually have lost because the game has ended. If you were to emulate life you would keep your opponents alive, just rich enough to spend their money on your hotels without going bankrupt. If you "win" while the bank still has money, you've lost.
Speaking of changing the rules, the properties have been replaced by cities in a new version of Monopoly. Thankfully, it is still just a game, no individual that I know of owns entire cities. Especially cities like Montreal, Vancouver, London UK and Toronto. All of which are on the new bord. Montreal replaces Bordwalk...
I've only been to half (11) of the cities on the new bord. How about you?

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rww said...

Neat , 3 Canadian cities included, six if you count London, Paris and Sydney


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