New Road Will Allow Far East Road Trip

Never before in the history of the world have you been able to drive in a wheel based vehicle to the east of Labrador from Ontario. The farthest East you can drive from main land North America. And in one season you will be able to.


By the end of the fall, the Transportation and Works department of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador figures phase 3 of the TransLabrador highway will be completed. Click here for a .pdf of the Trans Labrador Highway.

Some of you may be thinking that Brazil is further east. It is. But you can't get from Panama to Columbia in a vehicle thanks to the Darien Gap.

Ironically, thank to Newfoundland, Quebeckers will be able to go to the most eastern extremity of their province by car. Quebeckers can go south and west, and now, thanks to the Trans Labrador Highway, they will be able to go east (with a bit of a detour north).

Once you get to the eastern Quebec city of Blanc Sablon, you will be able, if you so desire, to take a 105 minute ferry crossing to Newfoundland (Much less than the 5 hour crossing from Nova Scotia).

In addition to offering an alternative to sea sick tourists. This new route will be a boon for criminals wanted in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. For them, the 800 km penalty, each way, will be worth it.

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