Hey Toronto, Christopher Hume Wants to give us your money

Medium income in 2005 for city of Moncton residents: $23,077

For Torontonians:

Even if everybody paid the same income tax rate, that is a significant
difference. Per person, Torontonians pay way more in federal tax
dollars than Monctonians.

So I don't understand why Christopher Hume, and the Toronto Star in
general, are so adament that the federal government contribute more to
city services.

The only way Toronto residents would win under that scenario would be
if the federal government contributed to Toronto coffers above their
demographic weight.

What part of democracy doesn't The Star understand? By realocating
federal tax dollars to cities, based on demography or votes, Toronto
would lose and Moncton (and the majotity of other cities) would win!

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