Save the Planet: Ban Puppies

(Title typo correction: 2009-02-20) 

Time to take this global warming thing seriously. What are we doing?
Nothing. Worse, we are building more roads and subsidizing the
building of more cars!

So I say we should ban pets. Pets, among other things, cause global
warming. They are loud, regularly hurt children and consume vast
amounts of food that could be used to feed people. There are 10 times
more people in Canada than 100 years ago. At some point we will have
to make choices, and I fear the pets will win.

Banning puppies would be a huge sacrifice for many (and logistically
difficult), but that is the whole point. Reducing global warming will
require sacrifice. And no, trees do not reduce global warming (look it
up). There is no, repeat, no way of compensating your use of fossil
fuels by planting trees.

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