Iceland Should Join Canada

Iceland joining Canada may sound crazy, but Newfoundland did it, why
not Iceland? Now, just to be clear, I have no intention of learning
Icelandic. But I never had any inclinatio to learn Inuktituk (Nunavuut/
Nunavik), so why would I learn Icelandic?

The recent financial colapse of Iceland begs the question: is 250,000
people enough to have a country? Because, if so, I think New Brunswick
should split from Canada and then split in two.

But seriously, Iceland is considering a raprochement with Norway and/
or the European Union. I think Canada should at least try to flirt
with Iceland. We are bigger, won't steal their fish and aren't
freakishly dependant on oil prices (eh Norway).

That said, Canada is China's and India's Iceland. Is Canada big
enough? By the time Harper is voted out of office, will we still be
able to brag about being such a rich country?

Perhaps we should bulk up and, for example, re-join the United
Kingdom. The 2 million Welsh don't seem to mind being part of the UK,
and contrary to them, the vast majority of Canadians have English as a
first language.

Canuk. Get it?

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