Not That There is Anything Wrong With That

After getting all excited about the unimportant but remarkable fact
that Ontario now has a homosexual premier, I came to realise that
Canada's foreign affairs minister, John Baird, and Canada's
immigration minister, Jason Kenney, are most likely also homosexual.
Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I'm a man, and I like women. To be more accurate, I'm sexually
attracted to women. Did you need to know that? Probably not. But I'm a
blogger, not a politician.

Perhaps gay politicians need to practice omission, particularly when
they lean to the right. I don't go around telling people I'm an
atheist. I certainly am not ashamed of that, but why set myself up for
discrimination or, worse, risk being evangelised to.

And this blog is written under a pseudonym. Wouldn't be the end of the
world if I was outed, but I like the perceived freedom of anonymity.

Ontario's new leader was most likely sexually confused for many years
(she has 3 children). I don't know the circumstances, but unless her
husband was aware she was gay when he got married, he was a victim.
Was Wynne the perpetrator, or was it society?

I have trouble relating to the sexually confused. I've been attracted
to girls since I was 10. Zero doubt. However, I know that is not the
case for everybody. I also know the overwhelming influence that
religion can have on people.

Still, you expect people in their 40s to have it figured out. And
there are documented examples of closeted homosexuals
overcompensating, acting out against gays. Jason Kenney may have done
that when he removed language about gays in the Canadian citizenship
guide. Or maybe not. Hard to tell quite frankly.

Its only been a couple of hours since I started even considering the
possibility that John Baird and Jason Kenney are gay. I now accept it.
In retrospect it explains some behaviour and mannerism. And frankly it
doesn't matter since they don't know me and I don't personally know

However, I always assumed Stephen Harper was homophobic. But he most
likely named two gays to his cabinet, including foreign affairs. The
choice of foreign affairs minister is often the prime minister telling
the country who should be the next prime minister.

That is going to take a few more hours to process.


Bluegreenblogger said...

I don`t think you are correct about Baird or Kenney. They are both committed to celibacy before marriage. Maybe, just maybe that was a fig leaf to disguise one or both of their `dark secret`, but I think it is more likely that they are both either sexually repressed, religious zealots, and-or just indifferent to the opposite sex. Or all three, or neither. In other words, I dunno.

Altavistagoogle said...

Yah, took me a couple dozen minutes to be convinced as well. The clues just add up to the point of it being obvious.

James Moore is also gay. 3 gay cabinet ministers!


Altavistagoogle said...

OK, so Moore is off the gay list. LOL. Back to two gay cabinet ministers.


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