What will you do with the money? I often fantasize about that press
conference. You know, the one where lottery jackpot winners discuss
winning umpteen million dollars.

So here is what I _will_ answer on Thursday. ;-)

Well, I am very happy to have this money. I feel for the people
looking for work in these tough economic times, so the first thing I
am going to do is quit my job so one fewer of my colleagues will be
layed off. Although I will miss my employee discount, chuckle, chuckle
(scan room for attractive reporters laughing at my joke).

The next thing I will do is give 1 million dollars to the provincial
NDP. New Brunswick has the lowest minimum wage and the lowest welfare
benefits in the country, and I want that to change. I'm also thinking
of all those poor African children, I'd like to do so something for

When it comes to splurging, I'd like to launch my own TV channel:
Lawyer, Doctor and police Free TV. A TV station that has no CSI or Law
and Order reruns. I'd call it Beach TV and, for tax reasons, will be
based at my new hotel in the Cayman islands. Interviews for news
anchors and journalists start after this press conference.

Last but not least, I'm going to buy a Mac. I can finally afford one!

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