6 US Senators in the History of the United States

Did you know there were more elected Black senators post slavery
(1870) then there are now? There have only been 6 US senators since
the end of the US civil war. 6!

Although Blacks are about 13% of the US population (or 36 million,
slightly more than the population of Canada), only 1 person is Black among the 100
Senators (two per state), and he was chosen by the Governor of
Illinois to replace Barack Obama until the 2010 elections.

In that context, Barack Obama is a superhero. Granted, the District of Columbia and Puerto 
residents elect 0 Senators. Zero, nada, niet.

However, if you need a Black hero, look no further than
Robert Smalls from South Carolina. He was elected to the South Carolina
Congress, the South Carolina Senate and to the US Congress (5 times!).

He also worked as a tax collector, a civil war civilian soldier/hero
and... a slave!

Robert Smalls. Forget Lincoln or Obama, or good grief, Trudeau, Robert
is my hero.

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