"Thank You So Much" (Obama)

Something struck me about Obama's visit, he used the word "so" instead
of verry. "So" is easier to say and much easier to spell, but as
someone who deals with dozens of people a day who use English as a
second language, I suggest we don't.

The word "so" makes no sence in the phrase "Thank you "so" much".
Granted, people in the Ottawa Valley and elsewear are exposed to more
anoying uses of the word "so", but it still doesn't belong.

Worse, "so" is a feminin word. We usually put up with it beacause it
is said by a young attractive women. Gay men even use the word to
sound gayer.

So I must conclude that Obama should stop using the word "so",
especially when outside the US, beacsuse, murcifully, outside US
borders, "thank you so much" has not cought on.

Envoyé depuis mon iPhone / Sent from my iPhone.

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