I Like Sarah Palin. There, I said it.

I've just been reading thru Sarah Palin's private emails and just like after watching Madona's Truth or Dare film, I like her more now. I think of her less as a freak, and more as a human being. And frankly, a human being I would trust with the White House.
-I don't share her religious beliefs, but as long as I'm free to eat ham, you could believe that Dinosaurs roamed the earth last Tuesday for all I care. As a member of a small religious minority (Agnostic), I have empathy for politicians who don't share the majority's religious views.
-As a former civil servant, I often think the more ignorant the politiciann the better. As Sarte said, you need to unlearn. When the politician knows little to begin with, there is no need for that unlearning process. As long as the politician knows how to read, or listen, they can make the correct decision (see my recommendation in bold in the introduction of my report).
- She is flexible. A good politician listens to the people, to the mood of the day.
-She has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Idaho. In journalism no less. Many of the journalist criticising her for her ignorance have the exact same education! In addition to living in Idaho and Alaska, she spent her first semester at the University of Hawaii. As any Canadian can relate to, going to the university of Hawaii proves very good judgment (Miami and San Diego would have also qualified).
-I didn't know what the Bush doctrine was either. And I'm an international news junkie.
-Lacking in travel. Prior to her Germany-Kuwait National Guard troop visit in 2007, Palin had been to the important countries: Canada and Mexico. So what if she's never been to any European capital. There will be plenty of time for that later. And most Americans and Canadians have never been to Alaska or the Yukon (or Hawaii and Idaho). Bill Clinton didn't have much travel experience either (granted, if you lived in Serbia or Irak during his bombings, you would have perhaps whished he had).  

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