Telemarketing Now Illegal

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, the domestic telemarketing industry is now dead . Essentially, by the end of the week, everybody in Canada will have registered his or her phone number on the Do Not Call List . The list is to be paid for by telemarketers subscribing to it. But since everybody will be on it, there won't be much point in subscribing.

Wouldn't it have been simpler, and cheaper, just to make telemarketing illegal? And why do companies that I no longer do business with have 18 months of legal pestering. Just so you know, If you leave our company, we will call you every day for the next year in a half... WTF!

If you are a telemarketer, simply set up shop in a border town. Your American division can call Canada and your Canadian division can call the USA. Granted, finding clients for this dubious activity might be harder than before. But if you were willing to dirty your brand with telemarketing before, I'm not sure why this list would stop you now. 

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Anonymous said...

unless the phone call is to do with a political survey or just some survey that helps the public i get pissed when they call my home. it should be illegal to do telemarketing and harass people in their private homes.


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