Chrome is the Best New Browser Since Firefox

I just, just downloaded Chrome, the new Internet Browser by Google. So perhaps it is a bit premature to give a review.

However, here it is:

Cnn.com works. Streaming video works on CNN. Youtube works (Google owns it). Competitor Dailymotion works. Bookmarks are there and they can be managed (deleted, moved, create new folder, etc...).

Here is what works better in Chrome than in Internet Explorer 7:

-You can easily go incognito (although Chrome recommends you literally watch your back; sound advice!)
-Mobile Me
-Internet searching. The address bar is now also the search bar!
-DNS redirect. You hate Rogers' new advertising infested DNS redirect. Good, you should. And you will never see it again if you use Chrome!
-Blogger (owned by Google) definitely loads faster.
-The tabs are at the top (makes more sense).
-The status bar at the bottom auto appears when you scroll over a link. 

So far, I'm impressed. I can't say for sure that non-Google inc. pages load faster, but they definitely don't load any slower.

My only gripe so far is that to access your favourites/bookmarks, you have to have the bookmarks bar visible. This needlessly takes up screen real estate. Ironically, you can add bookmarks without the bar. On the plus side, you can type the fist few letters of the page you are trying to get to and if it is in your bookmarks, Chrome will offer the page as a suggestion. This is probably faster if you have your typing hands available. But if you have your keybord out of the way because you are eating lunch, the lack of a quick bookmark button is anoying. Although if you open a new tab, the bookmark bar will be there...

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