Google Chrome, With the Right Computer, it Rocks

Once I got over the disappointment over the fact that their wasn't actually any chrome colour in Google's new Browser, I was impressed with the speed of delivering web pages. However, I was not pleased with the speed of plug ins.

That was on my old computer. Since any money I save is surrendered to the stock market gods, I  broke down and bough a laptop computer. If you don't have one, get one. But I digress.

With a dual core computer and 3Gigs of RAM, Google Chromes preforms marvellously. Including with plug-ins (granted, downloading and installing them is a bit of a pain).

The core of Google Chrome is Webkit. That core is also used by Safari. That is why few notice any noticeable speed improvements with Chrome over Safari. But I use Internet Explorer at work, so using Google Chrome makes home just that much better (yes, I realise the point of a laptop is to use it outside of your home, but I use it to blog in bed).

So let's recap, IE6 at work (because I work for idiots), Safari on my iPhone (no choice), IE7 on my older desktop and Google Chrome on my brand new laptop. 

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