Aol Radio: new but not so improved

AOL Radio was too good to last. But instead of saying, "sorry, we are losing money on this, the end", they are pretending they have improved the product. Granted, they aren't pretending that hard (from the AOL web site ):

The old AOL Radio (version 3.6) had 170 custom stations in 16 music categories. All the stations were commercial free and streamed in CD quality stereo-sound (if you were connecting to the Internet with a high speed connection) and also optimized for a dial-up connection. Now AOL Radio brings you SHOUTcast which has the largest directory of links to streaming Radio on the Internet. 

Ah yes, 170 streaming CD quality commercial free stations replaced by a directory of commercial infested low sound quality on-line radio. Gee thanks.

Update (a few minutes later): um, yeah, mea-culpa. AOL Radio is still awesome, now more so. Turns out the directory of on-line radio is in addition to the AOL streaming CD quality commercial free radio. Get it, use it. Free music never sounded this good. 

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