Top Ten Progressive Reasons to Vote Conservative

For most people, all the parties have pros and cons. But if you are a left leaning social democrat, aka bleeding heart Liberal, voting Conservative would seem rather odd.

However, this is a Federal election. And as such, there are some compelling reasons to vote Conservative after Thanksgiving Day.

Top Ten Progressive Reasons to Vote Conservative:

1. Lower federal taxes for the rich or businesses leaves more room for the provinces to tax the rich and businesses. Money is more likely to be spent on health care, education and welfare if taxed at the provincial level.

2. Less corporate welfare. The Conservatives aren't above it, but they do subsidize corporations a lot less than the Liberals. Corporate welfare is hugely expensive and adds major inefficiencies into the economy. Less corporate welfare makes us all richer and leaves more money for healthcare, education and human welfare.

3. War. The Conservatives certainly talk more about war and national defence, but it is left leaning parties that send us there the most. The Liberals of Jean Chretien sent troops to Somalia, the former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, among other places. The Harper Conservatives haven't sent troops to any new country.

4. Free Trade. All 3 parties are officially pro WTO (or whatever it is called now). World trade makes things cheaper, and if you are Canadian and like fruit in January, it is rather important. But face it, what party is more likely to lower Canadian duty despite specific industry job losses?

5. Quebec. The NDP is extreemly unpopular in Quebec because they want to put the Federal Government's noze (ie Anglo-Protestants) into the affairs of French speaking Catholic'ish Quebec. Obviously, the rest of Canada is less anglo-Protestant then ever. But nobody would call Canada French Catholic'ish. And even today, that is what Quebec is. In my humble opinion, Quebec is less likely to separate with the Conservatives in power in Ottawa. As a progressive, keeping likeminded Quebeckers in the country is essential.

Well, I'm stuck at five. I'll write more if I come up with anything.

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