Inflight Magazines of the World

The problem with in-flight magazines is they generally talk about stuff you are not interested in at the time you are travelling: travel. When you are in a cramped seat, being bossed around, you want to pretend you are not travelling.

When you are not travelling, when you are stuck at home on a rainy day, baby sitting the kids, on the bus or metro on the way to work, that is when escaping to the other side of the country, continent or world, is eminently appealing.

So I bring you In-flight magazines of the world (in English). You can enjoy these when you are not travelling.

-Quantas: They have an iPad app. But you can also enjoy the html version.
-United: They also have an iPad app. But you can also enjoy the html version.
-CNN Go: Not an inflght magazine, but they have a somewhat pointless review of inflight magazines. 

Alright, so much for this time wasting exercise. Someone has beat me to it: Inflight Magazine Directory

CNN's Go say AirCanada's En Route magazine is the best (all about travel), however, so far, my favourite is Suluk, the inflight for Greenland air. Trilingual (The Greenland version of Inuktituk, Danish and English), it is the only inflight magazine that will explain how a hole in an iceberg is formed. Also, check out the ads for luxury hotels featuring plastic chairs. More importantly, sound like PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIVE IN GREENLAND! :)

Paywal! Guess what, paywalls aren't just for the Economist. Lufthansa would be happy for you to read their iPad app, but no web or pdf version. So go buy an iPad. It's cheaper than flying Lufthansa!

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