Fidel Castro is Dead (is What You Will Soon Read, maybe)

María Valverde
I went to the Miami Herald's web site for confirmation that Fidel Castro was almost dead and got seriously distracted by the news that María Valverde is starting in a new movie called Madrid 1987. She spends most of the movie locked in a bathroom, naked, with an elderly man. You have already seen her naked in Cracks and Melissa P. The 1987 of Madrid 1987 is the year she was born. It also makes an anagram of the beginning of Spanish democracy in 1978.

Anyway, an hour later I got a tweet confirming that the Miami Herald was ready to confirm that there is a rumour that 86 year old Fidel Castro is almost dead.

I was going to write how the youthful population of Cuba was caught naked in a bathroom with an elderly man and was about the be liberated. Unfortunately the population of Cuba isn't exactly youthful. And its not exactly naked either. Most Cubans have access to the basics of cloths, a roof and sustainable food.

But no freedom.

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