Canada Should Ban Immigrant Smokers

Canada has socialized healthcare. Canada also has a very restrictive immigration system. 

Canada allows foreigners, addicted to nicotine, to immigrate to Canada and kill Canadian citizens by allowing them to smoke in Canada. Even when they smoke alone in their igloos, immigrants who smoke are costly to other Canadians. Non-smoking immigrants cost less. In fact, because immigrants have lower pensions then the rest of us, immigrants should especially be targeted for non-smoking. 

Ban nicotine addicted immigration candidates from immigrating to Canada. To prove they are not addicted, immigrants would have to agree not to smoke until they become citizens. If they are caught smoking, they would be deported. 

Why Now?
Under the point system, Canada has traditionally privilege over-educated immigrants. They may not be particularly useful, but they generally don't smoke. The Harper Conservatives have changed the system. Now, less educated people are coming to Canada, to take care of our children, build our day care centres and fry our food. These people are more likely to smoke.

Stop them before they kill us.

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