Global Warming is Going to Happen

I think it is clear that the vast majority of people are aware that global warming is real. The problem is most people aren't willing to do anything about it. Put a filter on plants, plant some trees. OK. Smaller house? Nope. Closer /fewer vacations? Nope. One car instead of two? Nope.
People are willing to pay more for organic or bio food, because they perceive a value, but they don't see a value in paying more to curb global warming.

Don't get me wrong, government global warming decisions can effect behaviour. It is now more expensive to fly via the UK because of the new global warming tax. So what do people do? Not fly to the UK, obviously. But also fly inefficient direct flights (on smaller planes) directly to their non-UK destination. Or decide to go to Asia instead, now that it is a similar price. And if they don't fly at all? Well, they are doing something with the money. Almost everything you buy contributes to global warming, including bio and organically grown food.

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