From Montreal, Cancun is More Expensive then flying Anywhere Else: $398, return, taxes in.

Flying to Florida, Cuba and even Puerto Rico is cheaper, but they don't have pyramids.

Montreal (YUL) to Cancun (CUN): $400, return, all taxes included. (At time of writing, only US Airways via Phili). That's cheaper than from Toronto or New York!

Hotels can be quite expensive in Cancun. To save money, consider staying downtown (buses leave from this mall (great second floor foodcourt) down Tulum, past the intercity (to airport and pyramid) bus terminal), or perhaps have a shorter trip. There are only half a dozen beach access points, which is seriously annoying, but OK if you know where they are (the bus is frequent, 24 hours, and cheap). Once you are adjacent to the water, the entire beach is public.

Beach access at the Plaza Forum (Coco Bongo sign):

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Public beaches/access points:
In the South:

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Further North:

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Playa Marlin, adjacent a luxury mall:

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-Next to the big Xcaret sign: Playa Carcacol.
-Playa Tortuga : Loud, obnoxious bungy jumping come-ons. Odly popular amongst locals for the adjacent cliffs with shade.
-Embarcadero. Access to the beach. At high tide, the beach can be rather narrow.
-The kids beach. Great for swimming (even for adults). You will wish all of Cancun was like this public beach. Public toilets.
-South of Puerto Juarez. Those condos are only $250,000, but you can pluck your towel in front for free.
-North of the port of Juarez:

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The port of Juarez exists because of Isla Mujeres (the Isle of Women).

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