The Female Body has Ways to Try to Shut That Whole Thing Down (Todd Akin)

 "The female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down [the ability to get pregnant] when you are legitimately raped." (Todd Akin). That is some serious truthiness. I mean it sounds plausible. In fact, he probably believes it. I read somewhere that women that climax at the same time as their partner increase their chances of conception. And since rape is such a horrible experience, it is nice to think women don't climax when raped, and therefor are less likely to get pregnant.
Of course, there are plenty of women who have gotten pregnant as a result of rape. Often young women, who are exponentially more likely to get pregnant during unprotected intercourse than older women. I haven't seen the stats on this, but I'm assuming 14 year olds are also more likely to get raped than 41 year olds. Just a hunch.

Todd Akin also thinks:
-Abortion is now worse than was American racist slavery.
-That abortion doctors are more likely to cheat on their taxes.
-That abortion doctors often preform fake abortions on women who aren't pregnant.

And guess what party put him on the Science committee? Yup, the Republicans (to be fair, according to Wikipedia, he does have a degree in Management Engineering).

Its not just Todd Akin that has fallen into that science thruthiness trap. You believe in the effects of the full moon on the psyche? Keep that to yourself, because the rest of us think of you as one big science fail. Nothing wrong with being curious about stuff, but when you repeat nonsense, people think you are nonsensical and will question your judgement on everything.

By the way, did you know that people who make frequent spelling mistakes are more rational and logical than the rest of us? Source.

"I checked the facts and that is wrong" (Todd Akin on the reduction of the chances of getting pregnent when raped).

Well, at least he isn't sticking to his guns.

Update 2: Akin didn't make this nonsense up, he really did hear it somewhere.


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